Stomping in the Mud Play Group is a rich, natural outdoor play environment where children have the opportunity to play outside,
rain or shine ... a chance for preschoolers to 'live in the moment' while learning through play.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Winter Snap Shots

It's a Mud-a-licious winter at Stomping!

A favourite mud hole in the forest!

 There have been many conversations about our rotting pumpkins and about which forest creatures might be eating them.

 What made the holes in the tree?

 The chickens in our neighbour's yard...what a surprise to find them on one of our forest walks!

 Cloud Dough!

Thanks for Stomping by!


  1. Your photos are as delightful as always, the smiles on the faces say it all.

  2. Wonderful doesn't even come close, your lucky, lucky children! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. how lucky exploring all of that. My son would love it

  4. I love all the photos, but the hanging yarn is brilliant!

  5. How refreshing to see kids being kids. We own a nature based preschool, but man do we have a bit of catching up to do!! Thanks for your inspiration.