Stomping in the Mud Play Group is a rich, natural outdoor play environment where children have the opportunity to play outside,
rain or shine ... a chance for preschoolers to 'live in the moment' while learning through play.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


In the forest, right behind our play group yard, we have a river running through.  Colquitz River is more like a creek most times of the year.   This year, we have many salmon swimming up stream to spawn.

Salmon Fact - Salmon change to red a couple of days after spawning, then they die.

Salmon Fact - Most salmon can swim about 14 km per hour.

Salmon Fact - All salmon spend part of their life in fresh water & part of their life in salt water.

Salmon Fact - In the wild, less than one out of 1,000 salmon eggs laid live to be spawning adults.

If you look at the bottom right hand corner of this picture, you will see orange salmon eggs.

Salmon Fact - One of the most remarkable things about salmon is how they manage to find their natal stream after spending years in the ocean migrating for thousands of miles. One study says the salmon find their natal stream by the smell of it & another study says that the brain of a salmon is sensitive to the magnetic field of the earth & that this may be a factor in the homing instinct. Regardless of the mechanism that enables a salmon to do this, their ability to find the origin of their birth is a remarkable feat.

One of the falls, the salmon jump up to continue their journey.

The children enjoyed their nature walk, the spawning salmon and took pride in showing their parents.