Stomping in the Mud Play Group is a rich, natural outdoor play environment where children have the opportunity to play outside,
rain or shine ... a chance for preschoolers to 'live in the moment' while learning through play.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

May/June Month End Snapshots!

It's Summer at Stomping...

Dig out your mother's old doilies - the children love them!

Water painting is a summer favourite.

This really was a mud stomping day at Stomping!

Colour mixing...

It's always interesting to see what "needs" to be painted at Stomping!

We are so lucky to have an amazing "backyard".

 Wow! Can you imagine how she feels?
Nature provides so many perfect opportunities to challenge and learn about ourselves!

I see future engineers in these boys!

On this day we found a Banana slug.

Wild roses are everywhere on our walk through the forest!

Interesting things we find on the forest floor.

A favourite stick with lots of potential...

as a perfect loose part!

Our sunflower seeds are growing...

Can't reach...he solved the problem!

Children love band aides...why not let them play and discover with them?

We hope you have a wonderful summer break filled with lots of time outside in nature...thanks for Stomping by!